Welcome to Cotton Belt Manufacturer

We, Manibhadra narrow Textiles, square measure the trustworthy name within the textile business since three decades established because the leading manufacturer of associate degree exemplary assortment of quality ropes and tapes made from various Manufacturers like cotton, silk, polyester several sizes and shapes. All our merchandise square measure factory-made by fabricating high grade materials to cause prime quality finishing. we tend to manufacture and provide quality slim materials that square measure tailored as per shopper demand in varied colours when passing through colouring and bleaching method for special treatment.

Our specialized products vary that has Cotton Belt, Cotton Tape, Polyester Belt, Polyester Tape, Manufacturer notice vast application within the business worldwide.

Our intimate and licensed team of quality inspectors follows rigorous quality take a look at parameters through all the stages of producing itself to develop glorious merchandise of optimum quality in performance and sturdiness.